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Does your tooth hurt? Maybe you got into an accident or fight, and your tooth was affected. Or, maybe you just woke up with a sharp pain this morning. Regardless of the cause, dental emergencies need to be treated promptly to prevent complications. But which dental issues need immediate attention and which ones can wait?

Dr. Scott Veal and his expert dental team at Veal Dental Care share guidelines to help you figure out when you should call their office as soon as possible and when to wait until the next morning or your next dental checkup. Here are common dental emergencies.

Knocked out tooth
If your tooth gets knocked out due to a fall, fight, or other types of impact, you need to hold on to that tooth and keep it moist. Don’t touch or hold it by the roots! Either put it back in place and try to hold it there or stick it between your cheek and gums. You can also place it in a small container of milk. Then, get to the dentist right away.

A chipped or fractured tooth
While not quite as urgent as a knocked-out tooth, a chipped or fractured tooth is more than just an aesthetic problem. If there is no pain, your dentist can usually smooth out the jagged part. However, a chipped tooth usually means there’s damage to the structure of the tooth and not just the chipped part.

If you chip your tooth, rinse it with warm water. You can take Tylenol for the pain, but not aspirin or a topical painkiller such as Orajel. Topical painkillers can burn the gum tissue. You can also apply a cold compress outside of your cheek to help with pain and swelling.

Severe pain or bleeding
Severe pain or bleeding in your teeth or gums can be caused for many different reasons. In some cases, pain and bleeding indicate periodontal disease, or gum disease, which can lead to pain, irritation, loose teeth, and even tooth loss. Periodontal disease warrants prompt treatment. Other causes of pain or bleeding include infection, a tooth abscess, or injury to the soft tissue inside your mouth.

Additionally, any type of severe tooth pain that doesn’t subside with pain relievers, is also a reason to visit the dentist as soon as possible. For more information on dental emergencies, call Veal Dental Care in Dunwoody, Georgia to make an appointment with Dr. Veal or talk to someone on our dental team.

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